DnDc : Everyone is master of fun


Dungeons & Dragons Collaborative is a way of thinking to encourage exchanges. It's a way for everyone who feel like creating a world in a group of friends to actualy participate equaly. Following the ideology of Wiki, this site is there to inspire people into creating their own special world. Not as the traditional 1 DM but as a group willing to build together an amazing world where everyone can have their share of fun.
The idea took flight from the feeling of being powerless in a world built by only 1 person. I felt my character wasn't involved enough in his world. Of course, it's not so simple to say to the DM: Jeez, I wish we would stop the quest we ran for the past 4 games to try and explore another facette of a universe.
Truth be told, everyone got pros and cons, DnDc is suppose to make sure everyone learns from past experience and get better at involving everyone.

Now that the presentations are over, browse around and see if you like the DnDc attitude…also check the Rules

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