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Dungeon Master frdupa
Dates 1554-10-14 to 1554-10-17
  • Bishop Tartanel, representant of the church of Pelor in Mensis finished his weekly ceremony for Pelor.
  • Caporal Dimmor at the end of the ceremony go talk to the Bishop to compliment him about the ceremony.
  • Mordek takes the chance to inform Kael that he received a letter from a higher-up of the church that is to be delivrered to Lord Valens. The letter was given to the Bishop by a wounded messager originating from the town of Animus.
    • Kael reads the letter that orders the militia of Mensis to protect the roads from thugs to ensure the completion of the "Day of the Trades" holiday.
  • Kael took it right away to Lord Valens, who was sadly missing because he went to go find a Sorcerer for some reason. He made specific order leaving Kael in charge for the time being.
  • Kael and Mordek talked over dinner at Kael's house and reached several conclusions.
    • Everyone is too busy preparing for the "Day of the Trades"
    • Sending an army to scout for ruffians would greatly lower moral
    • Killing lowly thief don't require much help seeing as Kael has the training of a war-hero
  • After supper, it was agreed that Kael and Mordek would scout out the trade route going from Mensis and Animus tomorrow.
    • Kael's wife, Elouise, would take the opportunity to transport this year's pumpkins from Kael's farm to Animus, for the "Day of the Trade" holiday.
  • The next day, the group (our heroes, Elouise and a few trademen) went on the road to enter the forest toward Animus.
  • A few hours later, they were ambushed by goblins and their orc ring leader.
    • After quickly dispatching the threat, the orc was tied down and brought back to Animus
    • Looking on the orc's body and after "roughing" him a bit, Kael found out that these thugs had accomplices in northern Flammen. Also, a sheet of diary from a dwarf told the party that these villains had information about the nearby ruins.
  • Kael took the rest of the day to prepare his pumpkin with his wife. A soldier from the town noticing his armor asked him if he wanted to help investigating strange happenings involving vile energy and a being named Necrotus. Kael dismissed the guard seeing he had orders from higher-up to clean the roads.
  • The evening, the party agreed that the most likely hide-out for organize crime would be in the ghost town of Spyran. It was agreed that before launching an all out attack, the party would first scout out this town and find proof that thugs are living in this town.
  • The next afternoon, the party arrived at the bridge of Spyran
    • Mordek was studying defiled Pelor's cleansing wards. Those wards had been tinkered with to attract evil instead of repelling it
    • Kael on the other hand found a RavenQueen pendant on a corpse.
  • The party found a tree full of decayed murdered human bodies.
    • Kael repulsed by the atrocious sight sliced the tree like butter with his mighty bastard sword and it fell down.
  • Afterward, they went toward the town and rain started falling down.
  • Tying down their horses, the party soon saw a group of what seemed to be hooded goblins. The party was sadly too far to hear anything from the reunion.
  • They decided to go in the tavern to host an ambush but instead found a deaf goblin cooking a stew in the tavern's kitchen.
    • Kael tried to dispatch the goblin to bring proof, but a slip of the wrist caused him to miss the busy goblin.
    • The goblin quickly foguht back by sending a cloud of toxic dust on Kael, which caused him to have hallucinations throughout the day. It actualy made him believe he was fighting hordes of demonic creatures.
    • After the party dispatched the goblin, Kael half-crazed decided that the logical action was a retreat to warn Lord Valens.
  • Before leaving the town, the party heard screams from a wounded girl.
    • Barging in with all their courage, they stumbled in a ceremony where a girl was crucified on the floor and 4 other humans tied by ropes.
    • The party killed the RavenQueen cultists and freed 2 nobles, 1 guard and 1 hermit.
  • After this, they quickly ran back to their horses.
  • Before leaving, the party heard a horn and saw what looked like a boat floating on the river. The party feeling they overstated their welcomes decided to leave.
  • Back in Mensis
    • Mordek decided to question the hermit who lived in the ghost town of Spyran for clues as to what those cultists are doing there.
    • Kael went straight to the manor of Lord Valens to ask for his help to cleanse the evil of Spyran
    • The party came to believe that Necrotus was behind this because Mordek, who already has ill feelings toward Necrotus, jumped at the opportunity to blame him for these cultists.
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