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Dungeon Master frdupa
Dates 1554-10-18 to 1554-10-20
  • Kael hastily informed the lord of Mensis about the situation in Spyran. It looked grim … however the village couldn't afford any man since a lot of people left for the city of Animus. After some planning, it was concluded that the lord would come back with reinforcement to strike at the core of the problem and chase off the intruders in Spyran.
  • After the lord left with his sorcerer friend to gather troops in Animus, Kael went back to the church where the bishop Mordek awaited him with grim news.
  • The hermit told them what was happening in the ghost town of Spyran. It seems that a clan war started in the far lands to the west between religious groups following Raven Queen. It seems some of her followers turned evil and started worshiping Vecna and dealing with Necrotus. It seems they came here to gather the entrapped soul of the general of Necrotus that slauthered the town of Spyran and join it with its remains to reborn it. On the plus side, the hermit was already in posession of the entrapped soul and gave it to Kael to protect it from the evil forces. An other problem was that this group was using goblin enslaved by using death dust to keep them addicted and dependant on them. Even more troubling, it seems they are planning to create a foothold in the region of Flammen since they started posting some high ranking officers in Spyran and also left some Scavengers of the dead (a spider-like monster that eats corpses and generates a poison used to create death dust).
  • After this alarming news, they decided to bury the entrapped soul under the church and let the hermit protect it while they would hurry to the cemetary to kill the "Scavenger breeding ground" and destroy all the death dust. The point would be to insert chaos in their strike force, by preventing the [[races:Shadarkai]] to enslave goblins using the drug, and allow an easier attack on Spyran.
  • Our party left to the Spyran cimetary, but since stealth was key in this mission, they passed by the lake and through the forest of Spyran to avoid being detected.
  • Once in the cimetary, they were found out and surrounded by goblin and that's where they met the scavenger keeper, a very blemish human that looked a lot like the hermit (they were shadarkai). When everything looked lost, a goblin leader, Kark, unaffected by the addiction of the death dust, helped our heros fend off against the addicted goblins, the scavenger keeper and a couple of enraged scavengers of the dead. After a valiant fight, Kael fainted from all his wounds and had to be hidden in a nearby crypt until he awoken to see their new unforseen friend talk with Mordek about his goal to rid the goblins of their addiction and retake control of his tribe.
  • It was agreed that Kark would help our heros find the death dust mother load and destroy it … it was hidden in the Hall of the commoners, an impressive structure laying in the middle of the cimetary.
  • After ordering the guards to leave the entrance of the hall, Kark told our heros that he will stand watch while they clean up the place.
  • Inside the crypt, they found a scavenger of the dead feasting on bodies inside the central chamber, however, since they didn't seem to be aggressive, they left it alone and started killing goblin drug makers and burning the death dust. However, they were shocked to see an other shadarkai stand in the central chamber with the scavenger of the dead and a few addicted goblins.
  • After an epic fight against the keeper of the graveyard, where Kael in one fel swoop killed the evil lord and afterward dispatched the scavenger of the dead, a very dark scene happened. The goblins all took their life to complete a necromantic ritual in which the keeper of the graveyard reborned himself using the remains of the general of Necrotus and use this large skeletal killing machine as a vassal to ammass all the souls of the crypt. Before the end fell on our heros, Kark came in and helped, but was soon dispatched by the abomination, his spirit absorbed … from this tragic lost, our party gained rage and managed to kill this undead atrocity.
  • Afterward, [[[npc:Kark]] got his soul back and was healed. It was decided that the goblins of the cimetary would need to be fastened of the death dust to remove their addiction to the drug. Kark would look over his "brothers" while our heros would come back to Mensis with the remains of the general of Necrotus to destroy them.
  • Unfortunatly, the remains couldn't be destroyed, so Kael buried them in his field hoping no one would find them … however, its with a small smirk in his face that the hermit was watching the farmer bury his burden.
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