1.3 > Zombie Mass
Dungeon Master Sebastien Dupere
Dates 1554-10-19 to 1554-10-28
  • Gero reached Animus to try and convince his uncle (Jerome Valens) to lend some men to aid at quelling the threat in Spyran
    • There, his uncle gave him some men for the adventure and asked one of his advisor, a capable wizard named Friedrich Brokenstaff, to tag along and report what happens.
  • Next Day:As the party rode back to Mensis, they encountered Bishop Mordek who, upon investigating the whole Necrotus business, decided to travel to the main church of Pelor to ask what is to be done.
  • Back at Mensis, the party finds Kael waiting for their returns.
  • After reviewing what had happened so far, the party decided that the best course of action would be to go through the bridge of Spyran directly to try and attack the head of the whole necromancer operation.
  • At the bridge, the party finds the boat they saw a few days ago and see remaining cultist goblins loading barrels containing spawns of Scavengers of the dead.
  • After the party dealt with a swarm of spawn and launched an attack with the few men they had against the boat, they were soon attacked by the necromancer master.
  • After having retrieved the necromancer (who unfortunately fell in the river at the end of the fight) they binded him and dragged him away from the boat before sinking it with all it's cargo of spider spawns.
  • After the necromancer regained consciousness, Gero decided to make sure this villain wouldn't trouble them during their travels. Sadly, the necromancer, in his weaken state, never did survive the idea of the warlord which involved cutting both of the men's hands.
  • The party was ready to leave and call it a day, but Torine sensed some deep divine energy inside the town of Spyran
  • The dragonborn lead them back to the church of the city where they had previously fought the goblins a first time.
  • They entered and went in the church's basement where the source of the divine energy was located.
    • Before they could progress any further, their progress were halted by the wooden floor under their feet cracking and revealing a very undesireble situation.
      • It would seem, that the cult of Vecna had buried most of their murdered victim right under the church's floor after turning them into zombies to honor the god of the undead.
    • The party walking over the church's floor at awaken a whole swarm of zombies and they wanted to feed.
    • After a long fight, they finaly slayed the last of the undead army and could finaly progress to see what was giving off this magical aura.
  • Inside the back room of the basement, they found a few zombies trying to breach a magical shield of protection. In this field was located a Shadaarkai women who was binded to a table.
  • After quickly dispatching the zombies, the shield went down and they freed the women who they only know as a priestess of the Raven Queen.
  • Through questioning, they confirmed what the hermit had told them and it was clear she was the leader of the party sent to impede the Necrotus' followers.
  • Friedrich not trusting the new commer, demanded that she'd be brought with them so he could at least judged her claims.
  • She followed the party back to Mensis where she was taken care of and fed.
  • The next day, Gero and Friedrich had decided to let the priestess go later during the week (while having her being tailed by scouts, who could send messages back to Gero using magic provided by Friedrich).
  • So the party went back to the city of Animus where the people were already in a festive mood due to the "Day of the Trade"" being almost here.
  • Jerome Valens rewarded the party for a mission well done with money and also gave Gero the Badge of the Defender of Aurum as recognission for his leadership.
  • The party finaly parted way from the priestess after sending some scouts after her and they resumed their life after some shopping and much festivity.
  • As the party was busy enjoying a victory over the forces of evil, back at Mensis the shadowy hermit was riding on a stolen horse carrying the soul of the Necrotus' general and his large skull…
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