1.4 > Pelgrims, Frogs & Demonic Love
Dungeon Master Steve Sullivan
Dates 1554-11-06 to 1554-11-08
  • After the "Day of Trades", all went back to normal in the countryside of Mensis. Lord Gero had came to acquire the services of Friedrich after Jerome Valens dismissed the scholar.
  • Gero came to be visited by some travellers known only by the name "Servants of the Star Serpent", with their leader being named Mathieux.
    • [[npc:Mathieux]]] pleed for Gero help in a matter of grave religious repercusions.
  • Upon the visit, the lord of Mensis had the party assembled in the very next morning to discuss about the problem faced by those new comers.
    • It turned out that the servants were doing a pelgrim upon arrival of creatures only known as the "Divine Beings". It was said that the movement of the Start Serpent came to an halt centuries ago after the disparition of those beings. Now a days, the movement picked some momentum after those "beings" came back.
    • The main problem was that their pelgrim came to an halt after they had to visit the Flammen's shrine, the serpent tower of Flammen, which had long been forgotten after the religion disapeared a logn time ago. The now vacant shrine had been invaded by cultists of the demonic prince, Demo-Gorgon. Needless to say those cultists were placing a blockade preventing Pelgrims from reaching their shrines.
    • To add to the trouble on the issue, it turned out that the "Servants of the Star Serpent" were perceived as cultists themselves in the kingdom of Aurum because of their faith to a "false god", the Star Serpent.
  • So on this day, Mathieux was appealing to our heroes to come and help him andh is followers on their divine quest. For reasosn unknown, Gero was moved by Mathieux's precadement and was leaning for the party to help on this matter.
  • After much delibaration, everyone agreed for their own reasons. Kael wanted nothing better than slay the demon lovers, Friedrich explored the potential to establish a defence perimeter in this "shrine" they spoke of, Gero seemed to need to display a random act of heroic bravado, and Torine felt the call of the loot.
  • So the party went on the northern river banks to travel toward the shrine of the serpent. Travelling long-forgotten worn out trails and crossing the raging river by foot (for lack of a bridge), our heroes finaly reached the swamps of Flammen.
  • After an hour or so of travel, they found the swamp to be invested by Bullywugs, chaotic evil frog creatures who had all but slain the goblins living in the swamps.
    • The party fought valliantly to reach the shrine laying against the steep rocks of the mountains.
  • Arriving to the shrine, everyone was shocked to find the site to be desecrated by the cultists of the demon prince. Every wall of the now worn out tower shrine was covered in depictations of sexual natures.
    • Sitting on top of all that sexual filth, the heroes heard the voice of the ring leader, Jakins. Jakins seemed to have losth is mind long ago having sewed the disembodied head of one of his previous lovers on the back of his neck. This was clearly in hope to ressemble his dark lord [[npc:Demo-Gorgoth]]], the twin headed ape monstrosity.
  • The heroes quickly stormed the building beheading every sexualy twisted cultists they could find and reaching the top of the tower in what seemed a minute.
    • There, the heroes, disgusted by all of this, slained Jakins without even the slightest sign of stopping in the blood-lust.
    • After the dust settled, the heroes saw the status of the Star Serpent disfigured as the dark followers had shaped another head on the serpentine statue to revere the dark lord.
  • After a swift battle and a short goodbye to the pelgrims, our heroes went back to Mensis to enjoy a feast for their victory. Only Friedrich was disapointed in the venture, having seened the serpent tower as too "out of the way" to be of any military use…or any use for that matter.
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