2.1 > Horns Of Ha-Tim
Dungeon Master Steve Sullivan
Dates 1554-11-20 to 1554-11-23
  • Mordek came back and told everyone the horrible news about Kael and Friedrich.
    • He left soon after to vent out the shock of losing one of his best friend, Kael.
  • In the meantime, Lucan an Eladrin professor from the group Keepers of Knowledge was going to Mensis after getting news of an abandoned ruin and receiving the squeleton of the Necrotus general from his pupil, Friedrich.
  • Also, an inquisitor of Aurum, Eulrick was heading to the town to stop all the chaos from happening in this far away town…and investigate the Bodhna incident.
  • As Lucan was setting up camp with his archeologist dwarves, he decided to go meet Gero to ask some news about Friedrich and telling him about the excavation.
  • As they were talking, a dwarf came with news that devil creatures were coming out of the ruin
  • Lucan, Eulrick and Gero went to quell the monsters and in the process found 2 horns to open the gates of Horns of Ha-Tim.
  • The group went back to the village to talk things through and while they were consorting, Mordek barged in after seeing the light of Pelor
  • The party went back to explore the ruins of the old city that was forgotten for aeons.
  • There they found dark dwarves who were excavating a portal that lead to the abyss of the devils.
  • The party slaughtered them all and freed some trapped goblins in the ruins to help them ware all out wars against the remaining dwarves and devils in the towers of Ha-Tim.
  • In the towers they killed Ha and Tim and the after shock of killing beings of such magnitude caused the twin towers of Ha-Tim to crumble and take away the portal.
  • With this done, the party went out victors with the few remaining humans and goblins that survived the bloodshed
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