2.2 > The Raven and the Skull
Dungeon Master Sebastien Dupere
Dates 1554-11-24 to 1554-12-12
  • After the great fall of the towers of Ha-Tim, our heroes came out of the underground ruins heroes to the eyes of the rescued goblins and the remaining warriors. With the imm ediate thread to Mensis vanquished, everyone went back to their own life enjoying peace…which was short-lived.
    • Torine went out to seek more knowledge about his dragon kind and his people on the continent of Aer. He went to the wizardry library of the Keepers of Knowledge in Kamdor where he looked for information on the whereabouts of an artifact owned by Bahamut himself long ago. To his growing frustration, he didn't find any information on such object, but he did manage to find information that indeed there were recorded presences of Green and Red dragons long long ago on this continent.
      • He also met a stranger by the name of Kaornack, a yellow dragonborn who told him he came from the west near the dwarven cities where some of his people lived among the dwarf as traders. He ensured our hero that his fellow dragonborns would be very interested in meeting him.
    • Gero took lead to tend to the troops after the fight was over. His first political move was to negotiate peace with the neighbouring goblins, using the impact of a major victory to tip the decision. The goblins, which have been bullied and slaughtered by many foes in the last few months were more than willing to seek an alliance in hope to gain some security out of it
      • After the peace with the goblins was reach, Gero saw that his people were in terrible shape morally and physicaly. In fact, the lost of [[[npc:Sophia], still in a coma state after the incident with Llos left Mordek sad and depressed. He was unable to fulfill his services a a priest of Pelor and as the head doctor of the town.
      • Gero seeked new helpers to tend the wounded in the neighbouring town of Animus. He also found a new Erathis priest to fulfill the religious needs. He hoped to convert his town to his god by replacing the curent priest and building a smaller chapel to eventualy replace the old chapel of Pelor.
      • He was also ordered by the King himself to take care of strange visitors. Those visitors were Deva from the Silver Wings. Those keeper of the light were coming to investigate all demonic activity as of late and make sure everything was cleaned. Because of their agenda, they needed shelter in Mensis.
      • Finally, he started to hire the help of the remaining 3 dark dwarves as helpers…but only one of the 3 seemed to be convinced, the other 2 reluctant to join humans.
    • Eulrick continued his investigation back in Bodhan where he found necklaces owned by RavenQueen followers. Immediately, he set out to the church neiarby of the town to investigate the slaughter and fulfill his mission.
      • At the church, he was turned down for lack of paperwork, with that he went back to Kamdor where he filled an official demand to get the permission to investigate in the church and place Mordek under house arrest for being the prime suspect. On the way back he met Lucan and they headed back to Mensis together as they noticed a few Deva patrolling and investigating the ruined village of Bodhan
    • Lucan sent back his crew seeing as the ruins were now lost and destroyed, but he remained in Mensis to investigate on possible leads to find his pupil Friedrich
      • In the ruins of the fallen caves, he found no trace of arcane energy left and after a few days of futile experiments, he decided to leave for Bodhan in hope that going to the source of the portal that brought the lobster-demon on the material plane would wield more clues as to how to reach his missing friend.
      • At Bodhan, he found his job at studying the remains of the collapsed church increasingly hard because of the presence of the Silver Wings. Pretty soon he found his job impossible and frustrated, he decided to head back to Mensis with Eulrick
  • After a few days, a messager sent by the chief of the Inquisitor, Bolrack told Eulrick that he had permission to form a party and investigate the church of the RavenQueen
  • Eulrick asked our heroes to help him on his quest and they all agreed for their own reasons. Mostly to find answers as to where their comrads disappeared last month.
  • They rode for 3 days directly to the church and reached the church's doors and were greeted by a cold Shadarkai named Gastol. Gastol brought them to the raven queen council where they met the priestess they saved before and they demanded for explanation about Bodhan.
  • After the discussions started to turn sour, the priestess engaged a trap to make our heroes fall in the dungeon. Torine managed to drag the priestess and Gastol with them down in the abyss.
  • After falling in a slide down 3 stories, the priestess was knocked uncounscious and the party slayed Gastol. Gastol still managed to take the RavenQueen scythe from the uncounscious priestess and throw it through the bars of the cell toward a shadowy figure which turned out to be a dark dwarf. Eulrick sedate the priestess to keep her unconscious.
  • A few minutes later, our heroes were freed by the dark dwarf using a secret passage, without them knowing it was him who triggered the mechanism.
    • It was part of the plan to use our heroes as a distraction while the forces of evils would acquire the nescessary reagents to revive the fallen general.
    • The believers of Vecna stole the skull from the hermit after killing him and had retrieved his soul in the process and now they were ready to revive him, even if they couldn't obtain his body which was still in Kamdor.
  • The heroes not waiting to ponder as how they got freed, proceeded to escape while freeing all the prisoners which were branded on the forehead with the sign of Vecna.
    • Those prisoners were half insane from malnurishment and lack of fresh-air… but they were sharing the same lust for freedom as our heroes and were grateful to seek a chance to escape.
  • Climbing up to B2, they found the level where the Shadarkai were breeding the death stalker and they had to fight their way out as the spiders were seeing the weak prisoners as a plausible lunch.
  • Afterward, they scared the warden into submission by overnumbering him and they managed to control the prisoners to prevent them from tearing the poor warden appart.
  • At B1, Torine was attacked by the few remaining Shadarkai as they were trying to retrieve their fallen priestess. After their failures, the party finaly reached ground level where they heard chanting.
  • As they headed into the praying chamber, they found a few dark dwarf performing a ritual to raise the general while the last remaining Shadarkais were laying on the floor, dead.
    • It would have seemed that after the defeat of Ha-Tim last month, Vecna's followers struck a deal with the defeated dark dwarves to help them in their vile quest. In exchange for the help of Necrotus the dark dwarf built an armor of steel and iron to hold the skull of the general while they used that magical creation in place of the bones of the general as a substitute.
    • The heroes stumbled on the ceremony as the dwarf that freed them earlier was holding the scythe of the RavenQueen to free the soul of the general and change faith itself.
  • As the party was fighting off the few dark dwarves protecting the door, Eulrick passed through the barricade in hope to stop the vile ceremony, but he was too late…
  • The dwarf sliced the soul orb open and unleashed a powerful vile energy, but the precence of Eulrick in proximity of the emanation caused the ceremony to go hay-wire and caused a gargantuan explosion that killed Eulrick on the spot and caused the ceremony director to become transmogrified into a huge shadow of his former self as arcane energy was burning his very soul.
    • In pain, the new dwarf behemoth started to kill all he could fine as he was slowly explding unleashing waves after waves of vile energy.
    • Finaly, it was Gero who managed to break the dwarf's leg and cause him to slowly explode on the floor and cause damages to the church.
  • After they had killed the vile leader, they soon noticed that the armor in the back was starting to move toward their direction.
    • The heroes started to be scared because there was no way they could fight off a new ennemies in their weaken state…
    • Their fear was ill placed, because the armor was not hostile in nature. In fact, the ceremony caused the soul of the general and the freshly departed Eulrick to fuse together in one being and cause a third "soul" that had very fragmented memory of its former lives…
    • The warforged was lost and in seek of a purpose, when asked for his name, he said he had none and so Gero unofficially gave him the name : Edward de Mensis.
  • Edward took the remain of Eulrick and carried him all the way back to Mensis with the party as he felt a duty to honor him properly for reasons that he could not understand himself and were probably from his good side…
  • The party jailed the RavenQueen priestess and the warden in a cell and they are still to find a suitable punishment for them.
  • Finally, the party buried their comrade as a few inquisitors participated in the burial of a war hero conducted by the new priest of Erathis in Mensis.
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