Gero Valens

Gero's mother, a noble of the main royalty of the human kingdom (which we now serve), went to one of the colonies of the kingdom for some undisclosed reason. While travelling, she was attacked and kidnapped by a hobgoblin warpack. These hobgoblins also employed orcs, but found them hard to control, cause of their thickheadedness and big ego. So they tried to breed orcs with humans to have half-orcs to better control the orcs allies. So Gero's mother was taken has a half-orc breeder. The warcamp was soon attacked by the human kingdom and the human slaves freed, but Gero's mother was already pregnant with who else but Gero. But Gero never learned any of it, he believes it's was an "curious adventure".
Being a bastard half-breed, Gero had a hard time growing up in one of the noble houses. But he still got his military training to become an officer. Wanting to be respected and prove his worth, Gero was always pushing harder during his training. But even tough being the most qualified person to get raised in ranks he never was due to his lineage. Until one day, the ruling council decided to put Gero in charge of a region in the middle of nowhere. They sent him to a place of no value only because they needed "noble presence" to certify that the territory belonged to them and at the same time they got rid of someone they did not like in a politically correct manner. From this day, Gero is a lord of the kingdom in a region infested with goblins that nobody wants.

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