Kael Dimmor

Kael Dimmor is a proud swordman who lived and mingled with royalty all his life. Mainly due to his father's background in the military as a war veteran in the war against the humans from NorthernKorn.
Trained with the sword by his father himself and passionate of war games and duels of the blades, Kael learned to be an asset to the royal family of Valens. During his teen years, Kael learned to play with an half-Orc noble named Gero Valens, who's of noble blood. The two of them grew to be close friends over the years. With a need to serve the royal family and his loyalty to his friend, it was only normal for him to follow his friend to Mensis when he was sent there to control the locals and defend the town.
Kael also is a simple men who enjoys a life with the seasons. When he's not busy doing some errand, he goes back to his new farm to meet his wife Elouise and work off the land. As a strong believer of Pelor, like his father and his father before him, he tries every year to grace his god with a big harvest and pays tribute to him before every meal.
Before leaving from his main town Kamdor, he gathered his farming equipments and his animals and his steed, Stouthoof.
Kael's greatest goal is to bring peace to his domain and be able to raise a kid of his own.

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