Physical Qualities

Eyes: Ruby Green
Hair: Light Brown
Skin Color: Light Pink
Age: 48 years
Size: Medium


  • Distant: Doesn't show he feels because of how he was raised throughout childhood.
  • Inquisitive: Lucan is constantly thinking of the bigger picture; the greater good. He questions everything in order to achieve this.
  • Cautious: Will always think things through beforehand.
  • Sincere: Lucan never understood the point of hiding anything from anyone, so keeping secrets was never a knack of him.
  • Artist: He loves music and beauty. He also paints as a hobby.


  • Lucan was born in a nameless Eladrin city deep within the Feywild, where he grew up to maturity knowing only Eladrins and their arcane mysteries.
  • Lucan was raised by a stoic father and a severe mother, as such he always felt an urge to overachieve at everything and learn to break his own limitations.
  • By age 28, genuine curiosity, and perhaps a will to escape his lackluster life, made our hero seek out his way to the material plane on the continent of Aer, where he learned to live with his distant cousins, the elves.
  • As an educated man, Lucan had a thirst of various knowledges but especially the occult and the history of civilizations long passed.
    • His knowledge of wizardry helped him perfection his fighting art which is a mix breed of sword play and damaging spells.
  • During his few trips all around Aer, Lucan came across the kingdom of Aurum, a human kingdom to the north. There he found the humans, an impulsive race which seemed to spread far and wide all across the world.
    • Almost instantly, Lucan spent hours in the libraries of this kingdom studying various topics that the humans had information on.
    • After a few years of working as a library clerk, he caught the eyes of a founding member of the organization known as the "Keepers of the Lore".
      • This group was a church of Ioun dedicated into uncovering secrets long passed.
    • Lucan saw the potential of working with this group almost instantly, and it didn't take long that he was admitted into the order and pretty soon his knowledge made him gain the title of professor.
    • As a professor, at age 36, he was sent to Kamdor where he taught many scholars in the way of magics.
      • After a few years, Lucan grew weary of textbooks he began dreaming of the day he could put his knowledge to the test…
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