Mordek Tartanel

Mordek Tartanel was borned in the continent of NorthernKorn from a poor family of farmers. As the war was raging, the times were hard and hte family did not want their son to be raised in this chaotic atmosphere, so they asked a friend of theirs, a priest of Pelor, to bring him to the contient of Aer during his anual pelirinage of the great chapel of Pelor in Aer.
Due to his statue in the organization of Pelor, they passed with no trouble.
During his childhood he learned a vast amount of knowledge on Pelor and he slowly became a believer in the ways of Pelor. However, he was always an outcast among his peers since his "foreigner looks" always gave him a strange air. No one knew that he was from the contient of NorthernKorn, but he still wasn't fully accepted.
After 7 years, his mentor dying due to his age sent him to the town of Mensis where he thought he would be safe from all the dangers of the war. From here he lived peacefully with his protector, a dwarven Pelor bishop of the shurch of Mensis, which prayed for [[[gods:Pelor[[[ and Moradin until he reached 15. During that time, the prosperous town of Spyran was starting to have people leave due to a lot of "freak accidents" and the dwarves were planning an excursion on this town when it would be fully vacated. After a year, Spyran collapsed, a wounded messenger came form the town asking for help … the almost vacant town was an easy target and caught the eye of one of the wraith of Necrotus. When the rescue party arrived (formed mostly of followers of Pelor, Mordek included) no one was left alive. However, Mordek stumbled on a crying little girl that he fell in love with (Sophia Riverbank).
The meeting took place in the old chapel of Pelor, she was crying over the dead body of her mom, Mordek tried consoling her, but the reunion was soon cut short by a zombie minioin that remained behind … Mordek couldn't defend himself, nor save her … but he did the only thing he could do, he prayed … and suddenly he glimpsed upward at the sun and saw an apparition that he thought was Pelor … then suddenly he managed to dipatch the zombie through the power of the sun. Afterward, the girl was adopted by the church of Mensis and he swore he would marry her when she would be older.
To this day, when the dwarves left the village, they (Mordek 24 and Sophia 16) were the only priests of Pelor left, and as such they converted the church to a Pelor's only sanctuary. They opened an hospital on the back of the church to take care of the wounded and show the good grace of Pelor. He saw the arrivals of new humans as a blessing from Pelor.

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