1. DM shall try his best to keep the game world logical at all time
  2. DM shall only be DM for 1 gaming session, afterward the role of DM is relinquished to the next Player, who shall now be known as DM
  3. DM shall upgrade the Wiki (adding places and NPCs as seen fit to allow all players access to the info)
  4. DM can assume anything not written in the Wiki
  5. DM shall refrain from writing anything in the Wiki that was not seen in the game
  6. Any map done by the DM shall be an image, but also an editable AutoRealm map to allow free access to the next DM
  7. The DM can keep his player in his current adventure, but he shall refrain from beign the center of attention using his player. It is assume the DM's player will help in combats and if the other players specificly ask for his helpt, otherwise he's as quiet as possible…


  1. The player shall play his part in the universe.
  2. The player can only write things in his character sheet (unless he was DM previously and needs to add more info to the wiki)


  1. Every group must decide on the setting before the first adventure and once the setting is decided; stick with unless there is a collective concensus to go to another setting (or plane of existance).
    • It is better that the party all create their caracters together after placing the setting so that there is no incompatible caracters and have major party disfunction. It is also a good way to establish the string that holds the party together.
  2. At the end of any gaming session, everyone is entitled to talk about the last gaming session
  3. No one should be rude to one another, we are all there to be fun… saying stuff like "suck" or "blows" is counter-productive
  4. The next DM can relinquish his turn if he doesn't feel like it, but then he must wait a whole turn to get another chance at being a DM
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